Specialist Products

Specialist Products

We deliver specialist solutions to the commercial market. We understand how frustrating it is not to be able to fund a project because it does quite fit the market criteria or the banks computer says “No”.

We work only with lenders who are approved by or are Patrons of the NACFB.

Our aim is to provide funding to disenfranchised individuals and companies who are unable to arrange their secured borrowing requirements via a mainstream lender. This may be due to the sector profile or because of adverse credit such as county court judgments, defaults, missed payments, historic bankruptcy or simply not being able to prove affordability in a conventional manner.

With these specially vetted partners we deliver a fresh and alternative approach creating flexible common sense lending solutions .

Decisions are made quickly and our team of highly motivated underwriters will assist you throughout the process. This level of case ownership delivers a high level of service to you and your client. Rates and terms will vary with each case and we can’t promise to fund every case but will try to provide a solution from our lenders criteria.

To assist you in giving broad terms to your customer please refer to our Commercial Mortgage Terms Guide which we update regularly or of course please feel free to contact one of our advisors on 0845 873 8706